Lawn Care

Whether you have that “green thumb” or not, maintaining your lawn can be backbreaking and time-consuming work. Besides, would you rather be enjoying those precious few hours you have each week- during our few summer months each year- working in your yard or doing something more enjoyable!?

Many of us are too busy these days to give even simple grass cutting the attention it deserves. Let us help! TMS Yard Care provides a variety of one-time and seasonal services that will make your yard the envy of all your neighbours.

Seasonal Cut and Trim: $47/visit

One Time Cut and Trim (small/large): $51/ $70 or per estimate

Once Bi- Weekly Cut and Trim: $65

Weekly Cut and Trim: $879 - Seasonal Rate based on 19 visits (May-Oct)

Lawn Edging: $75/hr

*UNIQUE OFFER: Holiday Cuts

Pro Tip: Try our “Holiday cuts”. Holiday cuts are for 2 or 3 consecutive weeks if you are away (or just need a break). This adds a level of security while you are away and prevents the dreaded "catch up work" upon your return!