Fall Clean Up Package

At TMS Yard Care, we want your property to look its best, regardless of the season. Our fall clean-up services prepare your property for the upcoming winter season. Think of it as a final clean up before everything gets buried in snow.

Without a thorough fall clean-up, dead leaves, twigs, and debris would be left to sit on your lawn all winter long. In addition to being unsightly, these materials can pose a health problem to your lawn. Dead materials can host diseases, mold, and bacteria.

Our Fall Clean Up service includes:

  • Cut and trim

  • Collecting of leaves and other minor debris

  • Fall fertilizer application

From $159

**Depending on the size of the yard, a disposal fee may apply.

Pro Tip: add a couple of our services to ensure your yard is ready for winter. Hedge and tree pruning, sprinkler blow outs, or lawn edging are optimally completed this time of year!