Frequently Asked Questions

When will my lawn services be completed? 

Each property is serviced on a day of the week by postal code. If you call our office, we would be happy to let you know. Unless we have wet weather, you should be able to set your clock to our arrival :)

We will send you a text message the day of servicing the property.  This will allow you to prepare your yard for our arrival where applicablemarking irrigation, tiding up, unlock gates, pet droppings, etc

Can I customize my package?

Absolutely!  The packages and services listed are meant for your ease of use.  If you would like to add or subtract something from one of our packages, or feel your property is unique, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Can I pay your crew with cash? I don’t have a credit card. 

No, our crew does not accept cash payments. Payment is collected at the end of each month after services have been rendered. 

All of our services are carefully planned and scheduled in order to give you the a hassle free experience.  At this time our seasonal and one-time agreements are based on our good word and a handshake but are still binding. Termination of one-time services requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice by telephone or email. All services performed or scheduled up to the end of 48-hour termination notice will require payment. 

Getting an optimal appearance for your lawn requires consistent service. However, we understand you may only need us for a short period of time or just want to try us out. You can book weekly lawn services from May to early-October- we are happy to have you! The only thing you should be aware of is that we may have to work around our existing schedule and may not be able to accommodate the precise day you have requested, but we should get pretty darn close to it.

We also offer “Holiday cuts”. Holiday cuts are for 2 or 3 consecutive weeks if you are away (or just need a break) and we also offer one-time cuts.